My name is Allison Kelly, and I'm the founder of Legacy Bound. I'm proud to share my passion for personal history with you.

What is Legacy Bound?

Legacy Bound is a personal historian service that transforms your stories and artifacts into a beautifully published work of creative nonfiction. From initial interviews to the final design, Legacy Bound works with you to create a unique tapestry of your singular life story. Not only do Legacy Bound books become cherished heirlooms, but they also help to impart wisdom and a spirit of familial or organizational identity to future generations. Don’t let your stories or a loved one’s stories remain uncaptured – contact Legacy Bound today.

who might benefit from legacy bound?
  • Adult children who want to capture the memories of a parent

  • A couple who longs to memorialize their love story for a special anniversary

  • A family who wants to capture years’ worth of memories and traditions for future generations

  • A church community or other group wishing to help preserve institutional memory

  • A small business owner who wants to celebrate the growth and evolution of their business


"I was referred to Allison from “Legacy Bound” by a close friend.  I wanted to capture my mother’s early  childhood, teen, marriage memories while she was still ready to tell these wonderful stories.  Allison started by interview my mother, Fran (94) at her retirement community.  Allison was kind, helped Mom with great questions and my mother loved her and opened up with stories that I haven’t even heard.   After the interview, and I helped with old photos, Allison began writing my mother’s story from mom’s words into something that is a keepsake for my children and my grandchildren.  She even did research and got old photos from the area in which our family grew up.  I will treasure this and pass it down from generation to generation.  I highly recommend her to anyone."


- Darlene, Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania