Pricing a Legacy Bound Project

          From the first consultation to the delivery of your book, your Legacy Bound project is truly your own. The process and product – and, by extension, the pricing – can be customized in a variety of ways. However, it’s helpful to have an idea of what a typical project entails and costs to see how projects can be expanded or condensed to suit your vision.


Sample project: A life history of a married couple, complete with prologue, four substantial chapters, and epilogue, totaling 80 pages and including 40 digitized photographs and mementos. The Legacy Bound book is hardcover with a dustjacket.


  • Interview Stage: 20-25 hours

    • Includes interview prep, travel over 15 miles each way, 4 recorded interviews, and transcriptions

  • Writing Stage: 40-55 hours

    • Includes drafting, sending chapters to client for review, editing conference, editing, and copyediting

  • Book Design Stage: 15-25 hours

    • Includes photo scanning, graphic design of cover and chapters, and quality control review

  • Total Project Time: 75-105 hours


            This type of project would cost between $1,275 and $1,785 (including the cost of one Legacy Bound book). My current rate is $17 per hour. I am also happy to discuss a price threshold. 


            You can see how the Legacy Bound process is wholly customizable. Want to bring down the cost? Consider a project with a narrower focus on a particular life stage, or perhaps a beautiful book of transcribed interviews with photos – complete with an audio disc of the interviews! Ready to embark on a more elaborate historical journey? A greater number of interviews, in-depth historical and genealogical research, and outsourced graphic design and bookbinding services will increase the cost of your project. Contact Allison Kelly for a consultation to discuss product and pricing options for your Legacy Bound book!