The Legacy Bound Process

Initial Consultation

Meet with Allison and come up with a plan for your personal Legacy Bound project.


Interview and Transcription

Journey through the past as you embark on several guided, recorded interviews in the comfort of your home. Your interviews take place over a series of several days or weeks, so that you have ample time to sift through your stories and photographs and reflect at your leisure.  The audio recordings of your interviews will be transcribed.


Artifact Review

Much of the beauty of a Legacy Bound book comes from the personal artifacts that are digitally incorporated within. Spend some time gathering photos and memorabilia and discussing these mementos during a special artifact interview. Your memorabilia will be scanned with the utmost care and returned to you promptly, or scanned on site if you wish.


Drafting and Editing

Allison will draft your Legacy Bound book, transforming your life’s stories into engaging and vivid prose. She works especially to ensure that your unique 'voice' - your humor, musings, and opinions - is brought forth in your narrative. As necessary, your story will be strengthened and contextualized with historical research into the political, economic, and cultural times in which you’ve lived. You will receive chapters of your draft as they are completed and will have a final editing conference by phone or in person.


Design and Publication

Your book will be digitally assembled to seamlessly blend prose, illustrations, quotes, and other items, and printed in a high-quality format of your choice. Order as many Legacy Bound books as you like, and don't worry - you can always order more in the future! Be sure to celebrate the publication of your story - it is truly one of a kind.